there has never been a time when there is more focus on emerging technologies. When developing new products and services, all ethical criteria must be met, with the highest standards of food safety, environmental care and social responsibility demanded.

rl will help you to examine new technologies and ensure that these critical criteria are met. We will help you position your product correctly in the eyes of the critics.

With our extensive network of industry contacts and our in-depth technical expertise, we have a successful track record of assisting companies in this delicate process.

rl has a team of people that have developed an extensive network of international contacts:
  • leading retailers and food service suppliers
  • industry producers ranging from farmers to
  • large-scale integrations
  • media – newspapers, radio and television
  • NGO’s – pressure groups and campaigners
  • research organisations
this allows rl to help you engage with these organisations in a positive environment and work technically to help support the ethical products that are needed in our Industry.

rl was formed in 1995 and was the first consultancy to specialise in animal welfare within the commercial food chain. We have expanded to deliver practical & effective advice to the food production, pharmaceutical, investment and agricultural industries. Our core expertise extends into the fields of food safety, environmental care and social responsibility.

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