the food supply chain is a complex business, and the composition of your technical and buying teams will be ever changing. It is critical that they understand their chain of supply and the key issues that they will face in their category. rl develops and runs bespoke training courses for the food chain that will improve your team’s understanding:
  • industry structure
  • ethics of food production and farming
  • production systems – intensive and extensive
  • key product issues – practical solutions
  • assurance systems / food sourcing
  • economics of ethical production

rl has developed a unique software system that efficiently manages the critical data relating to your supplier base.

this allows you to instantly understand your levels of compliance to existing and emerging issues, and allow you to respond to yur customers quickly and accurately.

your levels of control and due-diligence are more easily demonstrated to potential and existing customers.

this software has been developed by rl and is now used by leading multi-national food businesses to bring efficiency to this aspect of their businesses.

rl was formed in 1995 and was the first consultancy to specialise in animal welfare within the commercial food chain. We have expanded to deliver practical & effective advice to the food production, pharmaceutical, investment and agricultural industries. Our core expertise extends into the fields of food safety, environmental care and social responsibility.

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