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To paraphrase Socrates, “the unexamined company may not be worth investing in”. Especially if recent events are any guide to future performance. But what is the relevance of company ethics? How should we judge a company? And who are the best judges of a company’s ethics?

Tough questions - to which there are no easy answers.

One thing is for certain. Expertise in Corporate Ethics cannot be switched on at the flick of a switch.  And it is not encapsulated in a mission statement or some dusty company manual.  At rl consulting we believe that “ethics are taught, and then caught”.

Ethics are taught, firstly, because there needs to be some shared concepts, some grounding in the origin and basics of ethics. Then real-world ethics need to be “caught”.That is, ethics need to be put into the context of your industry, your sector and your marketplaces.

For company ethics to mean anything, there needs to be a definite shift - from theory to practise, from guiding principle to business process, from  boardroom to shop floor.

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